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  • Cloud Transformation

    Complete support for managing your cloud infrastructure. Focus on your business while our experts take care of the optimal configuration, monitoring and protection of your cloud environment.

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  • Digital Product Engineering

    Digital Product Engineering in manufacturing aims to enhance production efficiency, quality, and accuracy, reduce costs, and speed up time-to-market for new products.

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  • Digital Manufacturing

    Embrace Digital Manufacturing to increase production efficiency using IIoT, AI, and Cloud Computing. Stay ahead of the evolving business landscape with continuous technological advancements towards a Smart Factory.

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  • Digital Maintenance

    Take advantage of the potential offered by after-sales service and create a reliable source of revenue and profit for your business. With the right strategy, you can maximize your profit potential.

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  • Sustainability

    Our innovative tools enable sustainable development by integrating regulations, ecodesign, reducing CO2 emissions, managing waste responsibly, ensuring product circularity, and optimizing energy during production. Up to 80% of a product's environmental impact can be determined in the design phase.

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  • Digital Business & Processes

    Collaboration, communication and seamless workflow in line with organizational functioning. Learn about the capabilities of ITSM, project management and other corporate processes.

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  • Software Services

    Custom software can be used in any type of company to automate activities and increase the company's competitiveness. Take the next big step towards growing your business.

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  • Digital Supply Chain & Customer Intelligence

    Improve inventory management with AI statistical modeling. Accurately forecast future customer demand using machine learning algorithms, data mining, and expert insights. Increase warehouse efficiency with proven methods.

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  • Data & AI

    Data analytics and AI together are powerful tools for understanding complex systems. By combining these two fields, organizations can gain a deeper understanding of their data and make more mature business decisions.

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Customer references

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TT PSC knows PTC Windchill inside out. Their extensive knowledge of this highly configurable product has been instrumental

in our ability to integrate. By relying on TT PSC’s knowledge and experience, we have dramatically increased our development speed and made this challenging integration a reality. As individuals, TT PSC is kind, professional, and great to work with. Thanks, TT PSC!

Andrew Hircoc
Director Product Management
Assent Compliance
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By partnering with Transition Technologies PSC, we have found a company that meets our high standards for data migration.

Considering the complexity of our existing sets, asking the right questions to ensure they are assessed accurately with the necessary understanding is essential. We are confident that TT PSC, with their standardized approach, years of experience in digital transformation and data migration for global companies, will deliver on these requirements.

Peter Teckentrup
Leiter IT, Product Lifecycle Management
Lufthansa Technik AG
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Strategic partners

Success stories

Success stories

How has the ThingWorx IIoT solution increased production effectiveness at Haarslev?

The new Reporting platform delivered by TT PSC provides real-time and historical information from production processes and makes the data analysis process more efficient.


Success stories

Real-time production monitoring for LACROIX

See how Real-Time-Monitoring by TT PSC helped Lacroix achieve its business goals. Read more about this IoT solution and company collaboration. The Electronics Activity of LACROIX is a global technological equipment supplier.


Success stories

Complete development environment hosted in AWS Cloud

Learn how we improved development project management for Gentherm - global market leader and developer of innovative thermal management technologies.


Success stories

Remote after-sales service for Solaris buses thanks to Augmented Reality (AR)

Remote after-sales service for Solaris buses becomes even more advanced with the use of Augmented Reality.


Success stories

Smart Integration Between Windchill & a Product Compliance Platform — Assent Compliance Case Study

Assent Compliance is a global leader in supply chain data management. The integration between the Assent Compliance Platform and Windchill emerged naturally and PTC recommended Transition Technologies PSC as their preferred Windchill System Integrator.


Success stories

DevOps automation for thermal management tech migration

Gentherm is a global leader and developer of of innovative thermal management technology. Their mission is to create and deliver extraordinary thermal solutions that make meaningful differences in everyday life, by which improving health, wellness, comfort, and energy efficiency. Having offices in 26 locations worldwide, Gentherm is extremely well positioned, with broad global reach and strong manufacturing capabilities.


Products developed exclusively for Emerson Process Management


Enterprise Data Server


Stochastical Immunological Layer Optimizer

Boiler Simulator

Medium Fidelity Power Boiler Simulators

TTUS uncover our story

Uncover our story

Our belief is that change is an opportunity for improvement and a pathway to a more sustainable future. We take a customized approach to analyze and develop individual solutions that address the unique needs and challenges of each of our customers. By combining our tailored solutions with your bold vision, we can work together to make a sustainable impact on the world.

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Transition Technologies USA joins Transition Technologies PSC

Transition Technologies USA, Inc. (TT USA), an American technology company as Transition Technologies SA subsidiary, announced today its strategic acquisition by Transition Technologies PSC (TT PSC), a global systems integration leader.


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